Hospitality Studies Courses at Thakur College of Science:

When we devised hospitality programs at the Thakur College of Science, our motto was to stay true to values - accessible, affordable and innovative. We also needed to bridge the ever-widening gap between the needs of the hotel industry and the availability of trained and skilled workforce.

In our bid to serve the society around us, the college has introduced two degree programs in Hospitality Studies and Culinary Arts. Accredited with the University of Mumbai, these full-time programs give an immersive experience into the hotel industry, with hands-on learning through our expansive kitchens, labs and infrastructure (interlink to Infrastructure page).

Read more about BSc in Hospitality Studies (interlink to the section on BSc in Hospitality) Read more about BA in Culinary Arts

Course and Program Offers:

Our hospitality program covers two full-time courses which offer an immersive experience in hotel, catering and other affiliated industries. These courses prepare you to take on any of the five core branches in hospitality - food production, food and beverage service, front office, in-room dining and housekeeping.

Here is an outlay for our course and programs:

BSc in Hospitality Studies BA in Culinary Arts

Program objectives:

Our program objectives are:
  • Develop industry-ready professionals for the hospitality sector
  • Gear students for operational and supervisory roles in all sectors
  • Prepare students for each food production and service roles
Our hospitality programs aim for holistic development for students through:
  • Interactive teaching methods
  • Blended learning - Classroom and web-based learning
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Experiential learning
  • Assistance for placement


The college infrastructure for hospitality students includes:

- Basic Training Kitchen

Our basic training kitchen for hospitality studies and culinary arts provides all appliances and amenities for a modern service-grade kitchen. While the students bring their knives and tools to the table, the kitchen includes everything required to introduce cooking to newcomers.

- Advanced Training Kitchen

Our advanced training kitchen is the right fit for advanced grade students, with the latest infrastructure to match the needs of the international hospitality industry. Spacious worktables in a large lab, with advanced culinary instruments, ovens, freezers and appliances, the kitchen can match all needs for international and experimental cuisine.

- Quantity Training Kitchen

Large-scale cooking capacity and ability lie at the heart of every catering-grade kitchen. Our quantity training kitchen supports bulk cooking with specialised, heavy-duty equipment to create large quantities of Rotis, bread, tilting pans, pressure cookers, large vessels and associated appliances like pulverisers, mincers, grinders and freezers.

- Student Dining Area

Food production and service requires meticulous practice, and there's no better way to do this than to meet our own domestic catering needs. Our student dining area serves a dual purpose - a daily training ground as well as an essential requirement for all of our students.

- Bakery and Confectionery

The industry-grade bakery and confectionery unit supports Michelin-level p√Ętissiers among our students. Our heavy-duty confectionery machinery can enable standalone projects and production-line grade work.

- Training restaurant and bar

Practical experience counts high in any hospitality studies courses, and ours are no different. To prop up students in real-world simulations, we have a training restaurant and bar on our campus, equipped with a largescale seating plan, the latest liquor and bartending equipment.

- Furnished Guest Room for Training

We support practical training for in-room components in our hospitality programs through a furnished guest room for simulations, evaluations and routine practice. The room enables students to handle day-to-day in-house guest situations with practised ease.

- Fully Equipped Housekeeping Lab

Alongside our guest room labs, we support housekeeping studies through a fully equipped housekeeping lab with the latest laundry, cleaning and housekeeping equipment. Our lab serves a dual purpose too - alongside real-life simulation, it helps our students prepare uniforms and address other housekeeping needs.

- Front Office Training Room

The front office training room provides an immediate simulation environment to deal with the front desk in guest-facing, accountancy, HMS and reporting needs. We do this with latest HMS software, alongside a multitude of office tools here.

- Digital Library

Digitisation of library assets to ensure access is a lesson that most educational institutions learned in the post-COVID world. We've already been ahead of the curve here, with a modern, e-library and a physical repository that has textbooks, reference books, automated CD's & periodicals.

At Thakur college, students can access digital assets online and at the campus, with 20 PCs with LAN and high-speed broadband connections.

- Smart Classrooms

Bright minds need the right ambience to unlock their potential. At Thakur College of Science, we provide this environment with smart classrooms. We enable our students with the latest educational facilities alongside tech assets like projectors, audio-video systems and whiteboards.

Scope for careers:

Think that the kitchen and hotel is the horizon for the hospitality industry? Think again.

The hospitality industry covers operational and supervisory roles in hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, affiliates, startups and food production departments across the board. So, a student who completes their hospitality program with Thakur College of Science has many opportunities in front of them.

Students from our BSc in Hospitality Studies program, you will be skilled for all operational and supervisory roles in the five core areas of the hotel industry (and affiliate sectors).

Students from our BA in Culinary Arts course, you would be able to take up operational and supervisory roles in areas related to food production and service. These would also include ventures where such positions lie outside the hospitality industry.

Broadly, our students are ready to join:
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and Dining Outlets
  • Food courts
  • Airlines
  • Cruise ships
  • Oil rigs - Offshore catering
  • Industrial Catering
  • Hospital Catering
  • Armed Services
  • Railways

Admission Procedure

Geared about joining us? Follow these steps to gain admission to our hospitality courses:
  • Register with the university for your preferred hospitality course
  • Check eligibility against the declared cut-off HSC percentage (currently 45% marks)
  • Fill in your application form
  • Submit the form to the college on or before the cut-off date
  • If you're shortlisted, you'd be called for a personal interview
  • Selected students will join the next batch